First Steps for you and your baby

Hi I’m Goldie a qualified Personal Trainer and Pilates Fitness Instructor, who specialises in pre & postnatal exercise and also a mum to  Willow and Ziggy. I was a triathlon coach in Sydney since and have competed in various triathlon events from ironman to sprint distances since 2004. In 2012-20014, I coached running and swimming for Can Too whose participants raise money to support young, Australian researchers through Cure Cancer Australia.

During my pregnancy, I exercised and a previous running injury returned, Pubic Symphysis Dysfunction (PSD). Due to this pain, I was induced prior to my due date and had an emergency caesarean. This pain continued after pregnancy.

With the arrival of my first baby I was unaware by how long it was really going to take to recover and how much time Willow would consume. Whilst having her was the most amazing thing in the world, pregnancy can drastically change your body. I never imagined how hard it would be to get back my pre-baby shape back. I realised there wasn’t a lot of information on what were the ‘correct’ exercises to perform, after either a caesarean or natural birth.


Through close friends and mothers’ groups I recognised many were guided into incorrect exercise techniques. Most mothers were led into traditional intensive exercise regimes and not shown critical exercises to perform for the fundamental low level muscles, which weaken dramatically during pregnancy. As a coach and personal trainer, I saw this was an opportunity to help myself, and my friends, through my pre and postnatal studies the correct technique, to rebuild my body and others in a healthy and safe way.

With a few moments a day, gradually introducing more challenging exercises through a range of pelvic floor, Pilates, yoga and rehab exercises I was able to rebuild my ‘inner core’. This enabled me to not only return to triathlon between each pregnancy, but avoid many of the injuries and issues I noticed many other mums getting through traditional intense routines.

My second pregnancy was pain free and I recovered faster, as I knew what exercises to do prior to son’s birth.

I want to share with you what I have learnt through my experience about postnatal exercise which has greatly helped me and many others. I have become extremely passionate about this approach to returning to fitness that I have written an App and conduct workshops to help other mums.